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PG-006 Phil reads Randy Scuffle and a walking tale

Hi there,

Rita couldn’t join us this time around because she’s been super busy with volunteer work and this is the high-season for the Berwyn Historical Society and their annual Bungalow tour. That takes place September 27. You should go!

Okay, I admit I’m a walking snob. I walk fast and I want everyone to get the hell out of my way. But I’m polite about it! I share a walking in Chicago story.

I’ve promised (threatened) to do this before and this time I finally come around to fulfilling my promise. In this episode, I read a handful of letters from The Randy Scuffle Papers. Randy basically lives in his mother’s backyard, and he is an artist whose main material is meat. He loves hot dogs. He invents things. he has plans to save the world. Randy is a nut. Well, no, not really, if you read the book you’ll see why. I hope you enjoy these samples. Let me know what you think!

Don’t forget, if you have any comments, send them to us at comments at PrehensileAndGretel.com. You can also reach me by writing to phil at philreebius.com which, by the way, is also a blog I try to keep up with and promise myself I will be more consistent about in the future. When does the future start?

-Phil (and Rita) Reebius


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PG-005 Odd food products, God speaks and basketball

Hi everyone! This episode is a good one, with a variety of memories, commentary and juvenile behavior.

Food: Phil and Rita frequently talk about food and this is no exception. In this episode we manage to discuss Hamdingers, Orbit gum, and the kind of food you cannot eat as an adult because of some unfortunate incident in your childhood. On the topic of Orbit, Phil says he saw commercials for this gum in the 70s in the upper midwest of the US. According to Wikipedia, Orbit was introduced during WWII, then discontinued after the war. According to the article, Orbit was reintroduced in Germany, Switzerland and Holland in 1976. During the last of the 70s, it was available again in the US, which is when Phil saw the robot commercial playing frequently. Then, due to some cancer scare, it was taken off the US market again until 2001. It’s only gum. How can it give you cancer?

God’s latest guidance: Phil reads the contents of an email he received from God, which aims to clarify some of the original intent, at least as it needs to be cleared up in the US. Warning, if you think God wants you to start wars, kill people, abuse animals and speak through politicians, you’ll probably be offended. Too bad.

Freaks, geeks, jocks, and drama club: Shit, life in high-school sucked sometimes. Phil and Rita discuss some of the more unpleasant shit that happened back in the day. At least to them. Also, to Phil’s basketball coach, a special “fuck you” message that has, and shall continue to endure for a lifetime.

Okay, that’s it this time. Next time out, Phil may do a reading from his book, The Randy Scuffle Papers. He’s also working on the audiobook version for your consumption while exercising, driving, or eating popcorn and watching the squirrels navigate the obstacle course you designed in your mom’s backyard.

-Phil Reebius (Rita sends her love)…

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