Back From Another Lengthy Break

Many podcasters do seven or eight episodes and then disappear. You probably thought that happened to us. Well, for a while it did. Now we’re back. Sorry for the delay. Life sometimes has a way of making itself a priority and you can’t say no to that. In this episode, Rita and Phil discuss a variety of things including work, life and the attendant frustrations. All in all, we’re glad to be around, so we can’t complain. One of the things we’ve been dealing with the Alzheimers and aging parents. There will be more of that to come, but for this episode we wanted to just get our sea legs back. Please enjoy this episode and prepare yourself: we have more ideas for some fun episodes and topics.


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4 Responses to Back From Another Lengthy Break

  1. MattB

    I’m a little embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to leave a comment, but Stephie and I listened to your latest episode shortly after it popped up on my pod catcher and we loved it. Even when you’re discussing serious and frustrating topics, you make it fun to listen to. Keep up the good work and give our best to Barry.

    • Phil Reebius

      You’re embarrassed? Look how long it’s taken for me to respond to your kind words. We cannot believe summer is going so fast. I’ve had a bunch of travel and we’ve had some challenges; but so has everyone. That’s life. Thank you for listening to the podcast. We truly enjoy doing it and it is great to know someone is listening. Another podcast is coming soon. Already recorded. But you know what? I haven’t had the time to produce and publish it. My new attitude is I am not a loser; I am just really really busy. Say hi to all!

  2. Sheila

    Matt, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I listened to this about a week and a half ago and am just posting now. As a co-worker of mine used to say, I am a potato.

    I’m sorry to hear that the two of you have been dealing with so much junk, but I’m really, really glad you gave yourselves the time to put out this episode. Your voices have been missed, and as Matt said, you make even discussing the tough topics interesting. Welcome back, and please keep Moog-ing away. Wes and I can’t wait to hear more from you whenever you’re ready.

    • Phil Reebius

      Thanks for your comment Sheila! It’s almost comical how many curves life can throw you. For all that’s going on, we still have a pretty good time of it. We miss seeing you both and hope to catch up soon. Until then, watch for the next episode. Already recorded but needs some TLC to bring it to life again. Maybe a little lightening at the top of the creaky old mansion? Rita says howdy!

      PS: While I was typing this Rita just yelled “fuck the iCloud!” Thought you’d want to know…

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