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PG-003 The Fourth of July Show

In this episode we welcome our new sponsor “Lightnin Buggzzz,” the “Diaper With A Social Conscience.”

Plus, we dive into the following topics:

Fireworks: What would the 4th of July be without fireworks? And what would it be like in a state in which fireworks are completely illegal, so nobody has them at all, right, because everyone is a law-abiding citizen, right? Well, not in our neighborhood. Actually this year was a relatively quiet one, but you’ll hear a few clips recorded in our back yard. Other than that, the safety people are always happy to blow up a watermelon!

The Randy Scuffle Papers: Yes, we pitch the book, but not too hard. Just a brief discussion of the concept and some discussion of bologna and meat as art. You really should check out The Randy Scuffle Papers. Phil also has a blog he updates every once in a while. Check that out too!

ICD-10 Codes: More ICD-10 codes. This time Phil and Rita have a plan to take down the entire healthcare system’s ability to monitor disease. You can help. Project Orca is underway.

Spam Haiku: Rita had a great idea last episode. She thought some of the garbage found in spam emails might contain unintentional haikus. Well, she was right! Phil found a few and reads them to her with love. Even the dirty ones.

Jenny Seay: We say goodbye to Jenny after an 8 year run as the genius behind the Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series. Hear Phil learn to say the word “cafe.” Seriously, Jenny, you will be missed and we will do all we can to keep things entertaining. Bon voyage!

NOTE: we were experiencing some audio distortion on earlier episodes; this episode has been recorded at a higher bitrate, and that should solve any problems. The downside is it is a larger file. You can either have it small and shitty or big and awesome. Right now we’ll try big and awesome.

That’s it for this episode. Share your thoughts at: comments at prehensileandgretel.com, or here on this blog in the comments section.


-Phil and Rita



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PG-002 Vegetarian Options

In this episide of Prehensile and Gretel we unscientifically examine a wide range of topics that, without any prior planning, ended up loosely connected to food.

Lemons and Limes: Juice, zest and the summer sun. Vince Van Patten gets a mention in this segment. This episode was recorded just a day before we heard the news of Vince’s father, Dick Van Patten passing away at age 86. Our condolences to the family.

Beans: Well, not so much as you normally think of them. Rita remembers hearing the word used as slang for drugs, possibly barbiturates. Possibly amphetamines. We don’t know cause we never used them…

Spam: Phil does an impromptu dramatic interpretation of garbage words embedded in spam. Possibly some haiku coming of this for a future episode?

Vegetarian options: We pull a phrase from our universal box of all that is good and noble get the phrase: “vegetarian options.” Tofurkey anyone? This also  leads to organics and GMO commentary from Rita and Phil.

Farts: What becomes of all the food? It depends on how well you chew. Phil and Rita discuss a game they play at home!

If you have any comments our email is comments at prehensileandgretel.com. We welcome your suggestions!

Thanks for listening!

-Phil and Rita


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