PG-004 Juvenile Flatulence and Childhood Woes

It’s been a bad couple of weeks, so Phil and Rita start off with some juvenile humor. Hey we’re all still 12 years old.

Celebrity farts: We play the game and make some noise perfect for laughter around the dinner table.

Sickness: We touch on our summer colds which put us out of commission while we should have been recording podcasts. Sorry. At least we’re on the mend. So now we’ve done farts and sickness. Where does it lead next?

Food: Of course! Food! Rita makes an awesome amazing Vietnamese noodle salad she found on A couple of tweaks to fit our palate and we’re good to go…when we find the exact recipe we’ll update the link. UPDATE: here’s the link to this really tasty Vietnamese noodle salad.

Injuries around the home: Of course Phil’s memory is forever stained by injuries caused by those who should love you. This leads to the next topic however.

Parents: They can be bizarre with the way they raise you. If you confront them about it however, they have no memory of your agony. Then we’re on to food again with Quisp and Quake. Look it up.

Puppet chutes: No explanation required!

Still more food: In order, we cover chocolate eclairs, dirt, glue, paste, Silly Putty and seaweed.

On Wisconsin: The formerly progressive state that is probably not so much any more…


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2 Responses to PG-004 Juvenile Flatulence and Childhood Woes

  1. When Stephie and I were first dating, we visited friends of hers, who had a young son of maybe 2 years old. We were sitting around the kitchen table, talking about whatever, and the mom said “He’s at the age where he thinks farts are funny.” The dad and I simultaneously turned to her and asked, “You mean they’re not?”

    In the early days of the Internet at work, I downloaded a “Fart Machine” program one day and promptly reduced myself to hysterics with one of the settings. It had the usual wet fart, ripper fart, tuba fart, but there was one that was called Captain Kirk that cracked me up every time. I’ve not been able to find it, but someone recorded it for YouTube.

    And I was upset when they discontinued Quake (though it even shaped like Cap’n Crunch) but I got over it when they released Quangaroos. Who needs orange juice when you can get artificially orange flavored cereal. Yum!

    • Phil Reebius

      Agreed. We had a dog that would come running if you made farting noises. She got all excited and playful. The dog we now have startles himself when he farts. He looks around like he’s disgusted and tries to examine the area from which the noise eminated. It’s a lot like how you always turn around to look at the spot on the sidewalk that tripped you up.

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