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PG-008 Fine pickings from the internet

Hi everyone! Gosh dang, it’s been a long time since our last post. And we apologize for that. This episode is the first half of a longer piece we recorded on New Year’s Eve, if you can believe it. Things have just gotten out of hand and well, it took a while. Plus, Phil was all obsessed with the various transitional elements of this episode and he lost control of time. Seriously, this was recorded on New Year’s Eve. And we still have another piece, the second half, to go, which will come out soon. You’ll also hear things on this episode that will sound like anachronisms but that’s because we talked about them before some major changes happened in the world. Then, because we were tardy in getting this out, it sounds all fucked up. Sorry. You’ll know what we’re talking about when you hear us tallking about it. December and January have been brutal for the music industry. Enough said.

Well, in this episode, Phil shares some interesting shit he found on this thing called the “internet.” There are all kinds of things out there. This involves boogers. But we think you’ll enjoy where it comes from. And then you can look it up for yourself and be amazed too.

We also start to get into some discussions about music. But mostly this is about boogers. And nasty habits. Please note that if you’re only interested in hearing adults talk about boring adult stuff and how their children are perfect and how they make 3 meals a day on only 3 dollars, then this show isn’t for you. We’ll save you the time.

We sure hope you’ll enjoy it and we also hope you’ll continue to be patient as we get our shit together and get you more episodes of The Prehensile and Gretel Show.

Also, please enjoy our new artwork created by the awesome Wesley Wong. Thanks Wes!

-Phil and Rita Reebius

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